Angry Golfer

Angry golfer trying to break his club

The Mental Golf Program

Are you a good golfer that has played for many years and you just can't win tournaments?

Can you make that 3 foot putt to win?  

Are you constantly angry on the golf course? 

learn the mental techniques that will help you WIN ON THE golf COURSE.   Sign up for a free call.

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What You Will Achieve with the Mental Golf Program

Long Golf Drive
  • Gain confidence in your golf ability
  • See how a proper preshot routine will keep you consistent
  • Learn how to visualize your shot and execute
  • Get the proper mindset to win tournament
  • Use hypnosis to program your mind for better golf
  • Get the details of the Mental Golf Program

The Mental Golf Program

Session 1

  • Discuss Your Golf Game
  • Learn Mental Techniques
  • Describe Mind Model
  • Hypnosis Session

Session 2

  • Review Session 1
  • Discuss week's golf results
  • Hypnosis Session

Session 3

  • Review Previous Performance
  • Reinforce Mental Techniques
  • Hypnosis Session

Mental Golf Techniques

Pre-Shot Routine

Pre-Shot Routine

Do you have a regular pre-shot routine?  As you know, consistency is important on the golf course. Having a regular pre-shot routine will help with your consistency throughout your round.

Golfer not Positive

Staying Positive

Golfers are infamous for getting angry on the golf course.  But, all that negativity can harm your golf performance.  Why is it important to stay positive on the golf course?

Mental rehearsal

Mental Rehearsal

Do you know you can practice your golf swing without physically swinging?  

Are you looking to use Hypnosis immediately?  Visit our online store and download a Golf Hypnosis Audio.

We suggest that the audios are most effective when listened to after a hypnosis session with a Certified Hypnotherapist.

What Others Are Saying ...

Very Positive Golf Experience

I had a very positive experience with Tom and I am planning a few more sessions related to golf. Tom really helped me work on my self confidence around the greens. My wife will be going to him soon to quit smoking too.

Jim G.

My experience could not have been better!

Tom is awesome! My experience could not have been better! Well worth your time!

Norman G.

First session was very eye opening

First session was very eye opening to say the least. I immediately saw results on the golf course, somehow my mind was clearer and everything seemed to slow down.

Joe A.

Following my session with Tom, I was confident in my golf game

After several weeks of playing good golf, I started shooting almost 10 strokes higher and couldn't figure out what had changed. Following my session with Tom, I was confident that I would get back on track and I did. During hypnosis, I felt very calm and relaxed. Afterwards, I had a sense of confidence and well being wash over me. I will probably schedule another in the future.

Richard P.

Helped many of our golf students

Tom has helped many of our golf students get over the "mental hurdles" in their game. The combination of our golf instruction with a winning mental approach allows our students to reach their fullest potential.

Commonwealth Pro Staff