The Menta​l Golf Program

Are you a good golfer that has played for many years and you just can't win tournaments?

Can you make that 3 foot putt to win?  

Are you constantly angry on the golf course? 

learn the mental techniques that will help you WIN ON THE golf COURSE.   Sign up for a free call.

What You Will Achieve with the Mental Golf Program

  • Gain confidence in your golf ability
  • See how a proper preshot routine will keep you consistent
  • Learn how to visualize your shot and execute
  • Get the proper mindset to win tournament
  • Use hypnosis to program your mind for better golf
  • Get the details of the Mental Golf Program

See if the Mental Golf Program is Right for You

Have a 20 minute conversation with Tom

The Mental Golf Program

Session 1

  • Discuss Your Golf Game
  • Learn Mental Techniques
  • Describe Mind Model
  • Hypnosis Session

Session 2

  • Review Session 1
  • Discuss week's golf results
  • Hypnosis Session

Session 3

  • Review Previous Performance
  • Reinforce Mental Techniques
  • Hypnosis Session